At Shiv Shivam, we render the following services:-

1. Products are stored and delivered under strict cold chain :-

In many cases lives saving drugs lose their potency due to improper storage conditions. We ensure our storage area maintains the required temperature conditions below 25°C and 2-8°C as per the product requirement.

The Cold Chain maintenance plays the vital role in retaining potency of the drug. Life saving Medicines requiring storage between 2°C – 8°C are stored in a Scientific Cold Room provided with Power Backup. The cold room is equipped with all required advance instruments to measure temperature flow round the clock.

2. Bed supply to patients :-

 We at Shiv Shivam. believes that every patient is a very special person who needs extra care. We not only take care of their treatment, but we also have a look that each & every patient gets a good bed to rest on. We supply medicine at bed to patients at the place where they are admitted for their treatment, and we also believe in serving our patients by providing home delivery of medicines.

Assuring our best attention and services at all the times .

1. Fastest & Free Home Delivery
2. 24 X 7 Service
3. Cold Room (2 to 8 Deg.) & Deep Freezer (-25 to -40 Degree) to assure Product Efficasy
4. Online Fund Transfer & Delivery of the Medicine .
5. Maintaining Cold Chains during Supply to assure best Quality product get delivered to your Door Step.
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